488 GTB Ferrari For Sale

Race Ready 2017 Ferrari 488 GTE For Sale

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All great Ferraris have been honed on the race track. Competition pays off in building a better race car and also incorporating new technologies on the street. For Ferrari, they use the Challenge Series to extract every ounce of performance, but racing on the world stage is another matter. FIA regulations impose a balance of performance for all cars. The Ferrari 488 Challenge makes over 670 horsepower thanks to sealed engines from the factory. In order to make the 488 legal to compete, the 488 GTE cars were built to be eligible for LeMans.

Why You Should Buy A Ferrari 488

As a hardcore version of the Ferrari 488 GT3, they arrive with telemetry, communications, and aerodynamics for competition. The interior is a roll cage and cloth seats. A carbon fiber dash incorporates toggle switches for all systems, and it even includes A/C!. Out back is a beautiful engine bay, with all rubber hoses replaced by braided stainless steel. A pair of giant intercoolers are ready for Abu Dhabi. Smaller diameter wheels are wrapped in Pirelli race rubber, the ample sidewall would be a nice ride on the street. Carbon brakes look neat, but cast iron will last an entire season. This is the 488 I would drive, so I might head to Orlando this weekend to check it out. It is possibly the only 488 GTE for sale in the world, so if you want to go racing, this is your ticket to success  Click on the link below for more info, and stay with us for the world’s fastest Ferraris.

2017 Ferrari 488 GTE For Sale