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2005 Porsche Carrera GT for Sale at St. Louis Motorcars

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Carrera GT demands respect, and several famous drivers have made this abundantly clear. Porsche Test Driver Walter Rohrl said it was the first car that truly scared him. Graham Rahal, Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson are just a few that have tried to tame the beast only to come back visibly shaken. Carrera GT will help you reconnect with the art of driving because it is not laden with superfluous gadgetry. You will not find a confused dual clutch automatic. Instead, the GT has six speeds and a tricky third pedal. The clutch has 2 settings: on and off. Behind the wheel, you will not find anything resembling stability control or active handling. Carrera GT consists of carbon fiber body panels bolted to an insane engine. The Carrera GT is pure, unadulterated driving.

Available at St. Louis Motorcars is an impeccable example of the Carrera GT. This 2005 model year car is finished in GT Silver over Black, with yellow trimming. Only 9,516 miles have been clocked on the car since new and it’s 100% factory stock. What’s more, it has been inspected at a factory authorized Porsche dealership and passed with flying colors.

Anyone who is serious about investing in a modern classic or the art of driving ought to look at this car. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-003
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-021
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-029-916×544
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-030
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-039-914×544
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-040
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-042-928×544
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-031-820×544
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-020-820×544
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-024-820×544
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-033
  • 05-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Carrera-GT-Silver-Black-045