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1969 Greenwood L88 Corvette For Sale

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Presented by Fusion Luxury Motors

One of the fastest cars ever raced can be yours. John Greenwood was a dominant force in 70’s racing, and his victories led to a thriving business in the Corvette Aftermarket. To promote their new “Lifesaver” radial tires, BF Goodrich commissioned three 1969 Corvettes. Of those three, only this one was ordered as an L88. We enjoy bringing you the rarest cars on earth, and you will not find this one for sale anywhere else.

9b4a4608 Developed as a way to support the Gentleman Racer, option code L88 was your winning ticket. Corvette’s top engine option for 1969 was 435 hp, and it featured three two-barrel carburetors. But the L88 was advertised at 430 hp and arrived with a single four-barrel Holley. In reality the L88 engine made close to 600 hp. It could not be ordered with a radio, heater, or any luxuries which is why only 116 were built. The original rear clip with L88 markings is included for authenticity.


In the early 70’s John began running his cars with the aluminum block ZL1 for a weight savings of 200 lbs. He verified the ZL1 suspension configuration shortly before he passed away, so a new ZL1 was built by Traco and conservatively rated at 750 hp. Also included with the car is an original L88 engine rebuilt and ready to race. This car is wearing original Greenwood wheels, and comes with an extra set that were raced in the 71-72 season. After a body-off restoration by Kevin Mackay it has won best in class at Quail 2008 and at Amelia Island 2015.


As if being inducted into Bloomington’s Great Hall isn’t enough, this car was clocked on the Mulsanne straight at 215 mph. The suspension is all needle bearings instead of rubber bushings, so it leaves the C7R in the luxury category. Last year at Amelia Island it was loud enough to be heard in Georgia, so it deserves the right to disturb the peace. For more information please contact Fusion Luxury Motors at 818-459-4844

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