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Why the Ferrari 488 Spider Debuted in Blue

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Fans of the Ferrari brand have grown accustomed to seeing the classic Rosso Corsa red paint on the marque’s cars. It’s been the color of Italian race cars since the 1920s, and over the decades has become a color synonymous with the Ferrari name.

So why did the newest car, the 488 GTB, debut in blue?

Simply stated, it’s because this car is unlike any Ferrari spider to come before it. A video shared by the marque on YouTube today gives some insight into the history of design that lead up to the 488 Spider, the concepts that drove its final form and the decision to don a different paint than the world expected.

Though part of a long company tradition of V8 open-top cars, the 488 Spider completes the Ferrari range with a modern design meant to tackle the roads of classic races, such as the Mille Migla.

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“There has never been a Ferrari spider like this in the past, and we wanted to underline this fact by creating a brand new electric blue livery, brilliantly encapsulating the car’s character,” Nicola Boari, Ferrari’s Product Marketing Director, explains in the video.

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(Source: YouTube, Ferrari)

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