Three LaFerraris Spotted in Public (Video)

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There is a very small percentage of the world’s population that has actually laid eyes on the real LaFerrari. There is an even smaller percentage who have seen three LaFerraris. One of these lucky fellows happens to be YouTuber BabyloNordschleife.

The first LaFerrari was spotted on the Italian highway between Carpi and Modena. The other two were spotted inside the Maranello factory. Interestingly enough, they all looked completely different. Two of the three were covered in camoflauge, with the one on the highway being completely covered and one of the LaFerraris at the factory being partially covered. The other LaFerrari at the factory was completely undisguised.

While the video itself may not be incredibly exciting, its still incredible to see that he had the opportunity to capture three of these supercars on film.