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Report: Ferrari 488 “GTO” Specs Leaked (Updated W/ Pic)

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(Ferrari 488 Challenge pictured above)

Update 1/23/2018: Our friends at FerrariPhotoPage was sent a photo of the mystery Ferrari 488 “GTO” that was unveiled at the event that is the subject of this original article. The image was sent in from @VerssenSpotting, who captured the image of the latest entry in the Ferrari Sport Special Series. In the new image, we see a 488 that’s most definitely heavily modified across all front. In the front, the most noticeable alteration is the front hood that now has a massive air vent built into it. The front fascia has also been drastically modified. More information regarding this car will surely come out sooner than later, so check back with us soon! has recently come into possession of images that shed light on a new mysterious 488 model, thanks to a source that wants to remain anonymous. The images are taken of a slideshow that was presented during a private viewing of the unknown car, which is referring to as the 488 “GTO.”

According to the images, this is the basic concept for the upcoming car: “The highest racing technology transfer on a street homologated Ferrari, coupled with state of the art driving emotions, to offer race-life experience even to non-professional drivers.” Another interesting bit that will definitely be a highlight for the car is that it will feature “the most powerful V8 engine in Ferrari history.” As for the specifics of the car, was kind enough to type out what was presented.

“• -40% weight vs standard alloy rims
• The engine will be the most powerful V8 ever used in a Ferrari, which means at least 700 screaming horses.
• It’s an evolution of the 488 Challenge engine.
• It’s 10% lighter than the engine used in the 488 GTB.
• It delivers a unique track-like sound.
• Racing interior including: aluminium floor panels and no glovebox.
• Highest utilisation of carbon fiber on a range car.
• The front hood, front bumper, rear spoiler and rear bumper are fully made out of carbon fiber.
• The highest racing technology transfer on a street homologated Ferrari.
• +20% aero efficiencies compared to the 488 GTB.
• GTE inspired rear diffuser.
• Active rear spoiler.
• New race gearshift strategy.
• Extremely direct steering ratio.
• New Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres.”

You can view the slides and more here.

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