Enzo Ferrari

Rare Nero Black 2003 Ferrari Enzo

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Every brand needs a halo car, and Ferrari has a long history of building them. In order to commemorate their first Formula1 championship of the new millennium, they built a work of art. Though the Ferrari F50 ended production in 1997, the F1 program kept winning, and their constant advances in aerodynamics, composites and engines needed to be showcased in a new supercar. Only something this amazing could carry the name of the marque’s founder, Enzo Ferrari.

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Racing technologies, such as carbon ceramic rotors, F1 transmission and pushrod suspension, were combined into a very potent package. Carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb composites make up most of the body, and curb weight is a svelte 3000 lbs. For power they built a new V12 with variable valve timing. Harnessing 660 horsepower in a lightweight car is not easy. Traction control had to be combined with active aerodynamics to keep the car on the ground. Zero to 100 mph takes only 6.6 seconds, and the quarter mile is done in 11 seconds flat.

Only 400 cars were built, and only 117 made it to America. Most were painted Rosso Corsa (Ferrari Red), but only two were built with a Nero (Black) exterior and two-tone red and black seats.












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