Rare Ferrari F12 TRS Spotted in Rome

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For the Ferrari Cavalcade 2015, a group of 100 of the automaker’s finest automobiles journeyed through the Italian countryside, stopping at racetracks and historic buildings.

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One of the 100 cars that stood out was a new Ferrari F12 TRS, a model that was meant to be a one-off, but now has three examples.

These images come to us from and V12SupercarsFotography. The example of the F12 TRS captured in the provided images is the only one finished in a grey paint and has redesigned headlights. Additionally, the bonnet of the car has an empty space above the V12 engine, exposing the monstrous engine.

Also, there is word around the internet that a new Ferrari F12 GTO is headed to Frankfurt. Stay with us for more information on the matter.


(Source:, V12SupercarsFotography)

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