458 F12tdf Ferrari For Sale

Matching Pair of Custom Rare Ferraris for Sale

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On duPontREGISTRY.com there a plenty of Ferrari F12tdf and 458 Speciale Aperta cars for sale, but there’s only one pair of matching cars. Up for sale at iLusso is an F12tdf and 458 Speciale Aperta pair that was ordered as a matching pair of cars. The owner commissioned Ferrari to have the cars configured with matching styling on the exterior and interior and from the looks of it, Ferrari nailed it.

The cars come in a yellow finish with a racing stripe design running down the center of them both. Inside is a black interior, complete with yellow and what looks like orange/red trim. Each of the cars has the same colors both inside and out, and mirror each other as best as the car’s designs allowed. Check each of them out down below.

2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

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2017 Ferrari F12tdf

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