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Life Goals: Park Your LaFerrari in Living Room

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Garages were built to keep cars safe from the elements. Living rooms were created to give inhabitants of a home a place to sit and relax. But, to one man, the living room is actually the best place to keep his Ferrari LaFerrari safe.

In images uploaded to Facebook by Magazin ProDriver CZ, we see a Rosso Corsa’s LaFerrari parked smack dab in the middle of a living room. Yes, it’s sitting right in front of the couch, on the hardwood floors, blocking the television.

According to AutoEvolution, the man behind this parking job could be the same man who crashed his own LaFerrari last year in Budapest, Hungary. Parking his hypercar in his living room may just be Corsa’s way of keeping his car even more safe after a nasty accident.

So, is the LaFerrari the greatest coffee table ever? Let us know what you’d park in your living room in the comments below.

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LaFerrari and huge revs in the living room

Screaming LaFerrari in living room! Ferrari#LaFerrari #Ferrari #shmee150 #livingroomzdroj:instagram

Posted by Magazín ProDriver CZ on Wednesday, January 13, 2016