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LaFerrari Tuned to Over 1,000 Horsepower

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Many might say that Ferrari’s LaFerrari is an example of perfection and to tune it would be automotive blasphemy. But, where would the fun and adventure be in leaving everything as it is? There always has to be one who will go where no one has gone before.

In a CarBuzz article posted today, a tuned LaFerrari was unveiled and the results are pretty impressive. Sweden tuner JMB Optimering recently had a customer decide to have his LaFerrari ECU remapped, and the tuner did not hesitate to oblige.

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After the ECU was remapped, the gray LaFerrari was able to produce 1,050 hp. This is 100 hp more than the stock engine’s capabilities when combined with the electric motor.

What do you think about this tune? Should a car like the LaFerrari be tuned or left alone? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.





(Source: CarBuzz)


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