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LaFerrari Burnout in Warehouse: $3,000 Donuts

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There are few things more satisfying than watching a powerful car take its piece of machinery take its abilities and put them to the asphalt. And there are few people who capture this happening more often than Shmee150.

A video added to YouTube March 29 shows a Ferrari LaFerrari leaving some significant tire marks on the floor of what appears to be a warehouse, with a small but excited crowd watching this sonorous show.

The squeal of tires on the ground can be heard over the engine’s consistent roar as this LaFerrari skids around, with smoke clearing behind it the whole way. But just how much will it cost to replace those tires for the next trip around the track?


The tires found on a LaFerrari are bespoke creations from Pirelli, and as a March 14, 2013 article from Motor Authority explains, are specially engineered in conjunction with Ferrari’s team to further enhance performance.

“The front tires’ width is specifically designed to aid turn-in and reduce understeer in corners,” states the article. These enhancements, as well as varying levels of stiffness and latest-generation polymers, all help lead to a faster lap time and better performance.

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So how much will a set of four bespoke P Zero Corsa tires from Pirelli run you? Pricing varies widely depending on location, availability and demand, but according to a representative at Ferrari of Tampa Bay, the rear tires run around $880 apiece, while the front are $500 each. Add $420 for labor to cover the installation process, and you’re looking at a total of approximately $3,180 for a set a four, before taxes.

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(Source: YouTube via Carbuzz, Motor Authority, Ferrari of Tampa Bay)

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