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Jay Leno Drives a Ferrari 250 TR Tribute

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In an ideal world everyone should experience the iconic Ferrari 250. The one caveat is that even bad examples sell for over $50 Million. So building a tribute car is the next best thing. In his latest upload, Jay Leno Drives a Ferrari 250 TR Tribute car. It was pure coincidence that the owner came across this prototype body in Italy.

Enzo was looking for an aluminum body for a new breed of race cars. Several coachbuilders presented their examples, and this one was rejected. So it was hung on a wall as an ornament for over half a decade. Peter Giacobbi spent a decade building an exact replica of a 1959 Testarossa, even down to the nuts and bolts.

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Because a 250 engine would be hard to find, they found a 4.4L V12 from a 365 GTB. The tube-frame chassis is also an exact replica, but it is made of modern DOM steel. So what we have here is a stronger and faster Ferrari 250 for a fraction of the cost of an original. If you want the real thing, click the link below and stay with us for more updates from Jay Leno’s Garage.