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Motivation Monday: Go For a Ride in Glickenhaus’ Ferrari P4/5

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James Glickenhaus is a ex-director made money manager that has a huge love for everything automotive and more specifically, everything Ferrari.  He has a $20 million car collection that has mostly Ferraris and one car model that is very special to him.

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His P4/5 is a car that he custom designed himself, for himself.  It was first badged a Ferrari, but Ferrari threw up a big stink over it and demanded he take the badge off.  Ferrari did not want him making money off of the Ferrari name, and the Glick was okay with that.  He put his family’s badge on the car and turned the car into an endurance racer like no other. Check out the video below to learn more about James Glickenhaus and the story behind the incredible P/45.