Ferrari FXX-K News

The Most Extreme Ferrari is Now a Reality

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If you thought you Ferrari FXX-K was a track-monster, wait until you see its EVO counterpart.

After Ferrari introduced the FXX and 599 XX, an Evo version of each car was released. When the FXX-K was released, we knew it would only be a matter of time until the FXX-K Evo was unveiled. And now, it’s finally here.

LaFerrari Specs, Review and Photos

Ferrari FXX-K Evo

Ferrari focused primarily on improving the FXX-K Evo’s aerodynamics over its FXX-K brethren. To do this, Ferrari introduced a myriad of new aero component all across the race car’s body. Most notably, the rear wing is now a twin-profile fixed wing that works in harmony with two side fins and a central fin. That central fin also includes three vortex generators that increase the efficiency of the rear systems by 10% on their own.

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Ferrari has also added to the FXX-K’ Evos interior a new steering wheel, 6.5-inch display for the rearview camera, that can display telemetry data, and a lot more.

Pricing and exact specs have not been released yet. Also, don’t expect to see it on the road as it’s not street legal and will only be used in the XX Programme in the 2018/2019 season.