488 GTB Ferrari

First Look at the New Ferrari 488 Spider

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We’ve seen the new Ferrari 488 GTB and learned about what it’s packing, but before it hits showroom floors we have a chance to hear its engine and see the 488 Spider variant.

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In a video uploaded by Niki Motorsport to YouTube May 2, the world gets two special treats. Showing up first in the video is the 488 GTB and its lovely exhaust note. The turbochargers sound off when accelerating, but the engine is powerful enough to give off a deep growl, especially during shifts.


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After the 488 GTB, we get our first glimpse at what looks like a 488 Spider variant. Even though it’s under heavy camouflage, the rear windshield and roof of the car show signs of a convertible. What name will this new model carry? We are unsure, but be sure to check back for more information on this mysterious Ferrari as it is released. In the meantime, leave your thoughts as to what you think its name will be in the comments below.

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(Source: YouTube)