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Ferrari’s Celebrates 70 Years of Excellence in NYC

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Over the weekend, New York City was host to Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebration, an event so large it spanned across the city in four distinct locations. Ferrari automobiles from every generation were on display at each of the locations, giving New Yorkers and visitors to the city a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the rarest cars in the world.

For decades Ferrari has been creating the cars the world has dreamt of driving and aspired to own. While we all may love Ferrari automobiles as a whole, we each have our own favorite. One may favor the sharp edges and turbo-charged power of the F40, someone else may want to take a crack at driving the new LaFerrari Aperta hypercar and, of course, there will always be the classic Ferrari fanatic that would love nothing more than to sink into the luxurious cabin of the 400 Superamerica. For Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebration in New York City, they made sure that every kind of Ferrari fan was appeased.

The historic event spanned across four different locations: Rockefeller Center, the Ferrari Store of New York, the Hublot New York boutique and Sotheby’s. Each location had a specific theme with a group of cars to match. Cars featured ranged from the classic 212 Inter, all the way up to and including, the brand-new LaFerrari Aperta.

Ferrari North America partnered with the duPont REGISTRY who exclusively covered the celebration. At the event, duPont REGISTRY staff traveled to each location and shared it with the world via our social media outlets. For the fans in the area, we provided them with instructions on how they could participate in the ongoing event. For those who couldn’t make it to the big city, our live coverage took them behind-the-ropes and behind-the-scenes, giving them true VIP treatment. Each time the duPont REGISTRY social media team went LIVE, our millions of fans were delighted to be able to feel part of this historic anniversary, even if they were hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

The event wasn’t all just sightseeing. Ferrari created an intuitive companion web-app that was a tour of the celebration and allowed everyone at the each location to participate in an epic contest. Once arriving at one of the locations, the web-app on your mobile device gave you the ability to check in, which unlocked one of many prices along with entry to one of the grand prizes. If you connected an Instagram account to the web-app, guests could share a picture of the each location with the hashtags #Ferrari70NYC and #contest to further increase their chances of winning one of the grand prizes. What could be won? The prizes included Ferrari Ray-Ban sunglasses, a Ferrari test drive, a Ferrari Pit Crew Experience and a Ferrari F1 Club Experience. With thousands of posts under each hashtag at the locations, it was easy to see that fans were more than excited to take part in the celebration and be given a chance to win one of the wonderful prizes.

Below is a quick recap of each of the four locations and the cars that were featured.

Rockefeller Center

Through the Decades

Ferrari effectively took over Rockefeller Center with a lineup of cars that spanned over 50 years. The nine cars on display ranged from the 1949 166 MM, all the way up to the new 2017 LaFerrari Aperta. Visitors to Rockefeller Center were taken aback by the exhibit and took time to take in each car’s presence. The real surprise came when the LaFerrari Aperta was started up and revved for the crowd, effectively waking up the entirety of NYC with an F1-like scream that could be heard for blocks.

Cars Featured:

  • 1949 166 LM
  • 1963 250 California
  • 1973 365 GTB4 Daytona
  • 1985 288 GTO
  • 1993 512 TR
  • 2005 Superamerica
  • 2001 F2001
  • 2017 LaFerrari Aperta
  • 2017 488 Challenge

Ferrari Store

Ferrari Today

Ferrari F12 TDF For Sale

Occupying the space in front of the Ferrari Store of New York City were both the brand-new 812 Superfast and GTC4Lusso. This was the first chance for many to see these two cars, especially the 812 Superfast supercar. Contrasting with these new models were the 1964 GT Berlinetta Lusso and 1972 365 GTB4 (Daytona) which were parked inside the showroom. Guests were able to see these rare cars as well as enter for chances to win one of the many prizes and peruse through the amazing Ferrari merchandise.

Cars Featured:

  • 1964 GT Berlinetta Lusso
  • 1972 365 GTB4 (Daytona)
  • 2017 812 Superfast
  • 2017 GTC4Lusso


Motorsport & Performance

During Ferrari’s historic 70 years, the Italian automaker has dominated motorsports. Whether it’s in Formula 1, IMSA, or even Ferrari Challenges, teams have utilized Ferrari’s expertise to become champions. To show just a taste of their motorsport history, there were three examples of Ferrari’s motorsport vehicles positioned in front of the Hublot Boutique. Those familiar with Formula 1 were especially delighted to see the 2010 F10, driven by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Alonso.

Cars Featured:

  • 1981 512 BB LM
  • 2010 F10
  • 2017 488 GTB (Safety Car)


Iconic Ferrari

The “Iconic Ferrari” display at Sotheby’s was incredibly impressive, taking over the tenth floor of the building and the street out front. Arrayed in the front were some of the most memorable automobiles, including the F40, F50 and Enzo. The yellow Enzo was a crowd pleaser that many had spotted from blocks away. Inside Sotheby’s were six cars in total: one in the lobby and five on the tenth floor. In the lobby was a flawless 1961 400 Superamerica in a stunning blue finish. On the tenth floor a wood-floored showroom was home to five cars made from 1951 to 1965. The setting was perfect for these classic Ferraris, giving guests plenty of room to appreciate the curvacious designs of each sports car.

Cars Featured:

  • 1951 212 Inter
  • 1957 250 GT Cabriolet
  • 1958 250 GT Berlinetta (Passo Lungo)
  • 1961 400 Superamerica
  • 1964 250 LM
  • 1965 275 GTB
  • 1976 308 GTB
  • 1990 F40
  • 1995 F50
  • 2003 Enzo Ferrari

Not many events can ‘wow’ New York City, but Ferrari’s 70 Anniversary celebration most definitely did just that. Each of the four locations saw thousands of people every hour, many traveling from stop to stop to enter in the contest. On top of the thousands upon thousands of people visiting the exhibits, million of duPont REGISTRY fans were interacting throughout the weekend on our social media platforms, sharing, commenting and reacting to the sights and sounds of the celebration.

We want to congratulate Ferrari on 70 years of success and look forward to another 70 years of excellence.