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Ferrari SF90 Stradale First Look by Top Gear

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What if you could own a hypercar for an affordable price? Ferrari is betting that their first series-production hybrid has your name on it. To explain this incredible creation, here is the Ferrari SF90 Stradale first look by Top Gear. It is on display at HR Owen in London, and it looks spectacular.

Their first foray into hybrids was the LaFerrari, and it used a naturally aspirated V12 along with two electric motors. To surpass it, the new car has a 4.0L V8, twin turbos and three electric motors. You will have 986 horsepower when fully charged, along with 15 miles of electric range. It becomes front-wheel drive when running on the battery, with each front wheel having its own motor. To save space and weight, reverse gear was removed from the transmission. Going backward is also handled by the electric front end.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Powertrain in Detail

One comment we need to correct is the Top Gear host mentions the LaFerrari doesn’t have an electric mode. He is dead wrong. If your LaFerrari is fully charged, it will display “Silent Start Available”. I was intrigued by this and did a double-tap of the starter button. The LaFerrari will run on battery at slow speeds with the A/C off. The SF90 will undoubtedly be more capable, but the LaFerrari still wins in the looks department and in its exclusivity. Click the link below to find one near you and stay with us for all your Ferrari news.


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