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Ferrari Premium: Official Maintenance for Your Classic

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Driving an Italian masterpiece that is 20 years old is a labor of love. But with the rise of social media, the owners of many older Ferraris are choosing to avoid their local dealer. In an unprecedented move by the manufacturer, Ferrari Premium offers maintenance and service for older models.

The program covers the following models:

If your car is eligible, they look up your car’s service history. If it meets the criteria you will receive a certificate stating that all service and recalls have been done by Ferrari technicians. What’s even better is that wear items are replaced according to a schedule. This includes (but not limited to) fuel, lubrication, power steering, and brakes. While they won’t be free, the parts and labor will be discounted by a nice percentage.

Perhaps the best part of Ferrari Premium happens on the 20th anniversary of your car’s registration. You will automatically be submitted to Ferrari Classiche, the ultimate testament to your car’s provenance. Our dealers have all the info, so click the link below and let the experts take care of your prized rides.


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