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Sneak Peek: Ferrari Powered Toyota GT86

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With the demise of the Scion brand, the importance of the Toyota GT-86 grows. Also built as the basis for Subaru’s BRZ, these sporty coupes are powered by a 2.0L flat four. While the boxer engine offers a very low center of gravity, many enthusiasts have derided the lack of a performance edition.

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To solve the horsepower deficit, drift master Ryan Tuerck is stuffing a Ferrari V8 into his GT86 and creating a monster. In a video uploaded earlier today, the preview only lists the engine’s designation as F136. This describes all late model V8 engines found in all Maseratis along with the California and 458 Italia. Hopefully, it is the latter, as the 458 was a force to be reckoned with. The 9,000 rpm redline is perfect for sideways action, so we hope he has multiple tire sponsors onboard. Details are scarce at this point, so stay with us for updates on this wild ride.

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