Ferrari Reveals New Paint Tech, A World’s First

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Ferrari is continuing their collaboration with PPG in terms of creating new innovative paint solutions for their automobiles. Their latest tech is a new low temperature paint system that makes Ferrari the “world’s first car manufacturer to adopt the new Low Cure clear coats technology.”

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This new paint system uses two components, including a special clear coat that allows the car to be baked at 100 degrees, as opposed to the standard 150 degrees. Ferrari says this will cut energy costs, as well as enhance the sustainability of the process. The Low Cure resin that’s now being used contains a new hardener that will bolster the coating’s resilience. Additionally, the new formula will increase “chemical hydrophobicity and reduces water permeability.” If all of that wasn’t enough, the new process allows Ferrari to bake the carbon fiber and composite components with the bodyshell at the same time. They say this will result in better color uniformity across all body components.