Ferrari F60America Celebrates 60 Years in America

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To celebrate Ferrari’s 60th anniversary of being in North America, they have launched a new car: the Ferrari F60America. The F60America features a V12 engine and an open-top, which, according to a press release issued today by Ferrari, are their American clients’ two great passions.

In the front of the F60America is a unique front fascia dominated by the classic Ferrari single front grill with a chrome finish. Integrated into the fascia are air intakes for the brakes.


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The asymmetrical cabin comes with a sporty interior that features red trim on the driver’s side, while the passenger’s side is black. This design was inspired by the historic Ferrari competition cars. The press release notes that the “cabin trim is exclusive with the dash, tunnel and door panels on the driver’s side all swathed in composite materials.” Additionally, to pay homage to the United States, a stylized American flag motif is featured on the center of each seat and backrest.

Only 10 examples of the Ferrari F60America will be created, and each has already been spoken for.


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(Source: Ferrari)

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