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Ferrari F50 Photoshoot with Nue Vue Photography

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To see the first Ferrari F50 ever made is an experience not many get to have, but to spend a day photographing the car is another story and experience in itself.

Recently, Nue Vue Photography was commissioned by the car’s owner to photograph the very first Ferrari F50 ever. The photos were taken for future use in case the owner ever plans to sell the car, but thankfully Nue Vue has been kind enough to share the shots with us.

The F50 was introduced by Ferrari back in 1995, marked as the successor to the F40. What made the F50 stand apart from the F40 was not only its design, but the lack of a turbocharger. Instead, Ferrari-powered the F50 with the 3.5-liter V12 found in the 1992 Ferrari F92A Formula One car. And while 349 examples were made, this specific one started them all off.

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Found above is a behind-the-scenes video of the car’s photoshoot, uploaded to YouTube by Nue Vue July 8. The video shows how the car was prepared for the shoot, but, more importantly, it gives viewers more time to appreciate the F50 itself. Be sure to check out the video above and images below to see a very historic Ferrari.

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Here is a video of this very Ferrari F50 going for a cruise with a 50th anniversary Lamborghini Aventador.

(Source: Nue Vue Photography)


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