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Ferrari F430 Art Car by John “Crash” Matos

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New York City based graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos, Joe “Mac” LaPadula of Martino Auto Concepts and the Dorian Grey Gallery are the masterminds responsible for the showcase piece for this year’s New York International Auto Show. According to an Exotics4Life.com post on April 2, the collaboration has produced the Ferrari F430 Art Car project.

Dorian Grey Gallery is the location for the most genuine works of art connected to the history of lower New York City. Housed in the heart of the East Village, gallerists Christopher Pusey and Luis Accorsi both have keen eyes for street art and graffiti and seek to give voice to these mediums for local downtown artists. The Ferrari Art Car project is just another facet of their creative work.

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John “Crash” Matos, New York born and Bronx raised, began his career painting subway cars and large-scale wall murals. Thirty years later, his art can be seen on famed international brands, such as Tumi Luggage, Fender Guitars and, most recently, Ferrari.


Martino Auto Concepts is a longtime provider of outstanding automotive excellence. They are the benchmark for service, style, quality and dedication to their craft. Specializing in vehicle refinishing and reconstruction, they are able to flawlessly blend the latest technology with their unerring passion for cars, resulting in unique and one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

The Ferrari F430 Art Car began as a generous donation from Joe Mac’s personal collection in order to enlist the talents of Crash in creating the newest chapter of automotive art. The core driving concept between all three artistic and automotive pioneers is to create a bespoke work of art that enhances the existing style and beauty of one of the world’s greatest vehicles.

Dorian Grey Gallery is located on 437 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10009, and their website can be viewed at http://www.doriangreygallery.com/.



(Source: Forum.Exotics4Life.com)


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