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Ferrari F12 Versione Speciale Spotted in Maranello

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A lot of rumors have been swirling in the enthusiast world about the possible reveal of a “Speciale” variant for Ferrari’s F12berlinetta, and a recent video lends itself well to the conversation.

The latest video shared by YouTube car spotter Automotive Mike, who captured a black and purple LaFerrari testing Sept. 20,  shows another look at what appears to be a test version of a new F12. It has yet to be confirmed that this model is being created, and nobody can quite agree on whether it will be dubbed the F12 Versione Speciale (VS) or F12 GTO when it is confirmed, but it’s certainly something beautiful to see.

The video, added to YouTube today, even gives us a few seconds of this Ferrari’s engine revving as it climbs a hill in its first pass. The side panels and rear of the car are covered in white paper and black tape, but the front of the car and headlights are unmistakably those of the F12berlinetta’s design. What’s different, however, is the front grill – or rather, the lack of one.

ferrari-newf12-080315 (2)

A photo of what was reported to be the F12 GTO or VS was posted in early August, sharing a yellow creation with black accents completely uncovered and sporting a leaner, more aggressive take on the F12berlinetta’s design.

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Do you think the video above and F12 spotted in August are a new version of the F12? Would you rather it be called the Versione Speciale or the GTO? Let us know in the comments below, and find an existing F12berlinetta for yourself from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: YouTube)

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