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Ferrari Announces “Models of the Future” Designs

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January 15 – At the 2015 Top Design School Challenge, Ferrari’s diversified jury chose the winning models of those submitted by the students of four prestige institutes. Each institute submitted three designs each, of which Ferrari’s jury team then chose a final three. The designs were modeled after what the students envisioned for the Ferrari of 2040. The Manifesto–designed by six students from the ISD-Rubika at Valenciennes, France– impressed the jury with its completeness in design. The students addressed the exterior components, the look and feel of the interior and the running gear. The jury was further impressed by the clear and coherent vision for the car overall, which the students were able to articulate with clarity. According to Ferrari:

The spectacular door opening mechanism also highlights the evolution of the interior functions, using future-forward technologies. The exterior is instantly recognisable despite the fact that it incorporates certain orthodox features.

Behind The Manifesto came the FL– created by Roman Egorov– which showcased only the interior of the cabin. The de Esfera, which was chosen through an online poll, made the ranks coming in third. The de Esfera was designed by students from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.

160036-car-Ferrari-concorso-design-MenzioneDellaGiuria_FL_RomanEgorov_Image6 (1)
The FL, designed by student, Roman Egorov
The de Esfera, designed by Hongik University in Seoul, Korea students: Chae wook Lee, Ha kyoung Yeom and Woo jin Jung

Check out The Manifesto design in the video below.