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Ferrari 812 Superfast & 488 GTB vs 1,200 HP Nissan GT-R & McLaren 720S

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If dry land were divided like a pizza, Russia gets an entire slice. That’s because Putin’s Playground occupies one-eighth of the Earth’s land. With so much territory, our friends at DragTimesInfo organize wild 500-meter drag races. While most tracks in the U.S. are set up for a quarter-mile (1,320 feet), Russians race to 1,640 feet (0.31 miles). At these speeds, aerodynamics are more important than torque or horsepower, so let’s see what happens when a Ferrari 812 Superfast & 488 GTB take on a 1,200 horsepower Nissan GT-R & McLaren 720S.

We know the GT-R is heavily modified, but can its boosted V6 outmaneuver Ferrari’s twin-turbo V8 or their V12 Flagship? Because all McLarens are built around a carbon fiber cockpit, the 720S is the lightest contender at 3,139 lbs. The Ferrari 488 GTB is only 113 lbs heavier, while the 812 Superfast and the GT-R hover around 3,850 lbs. It is also worth noting that (in stock form) each car has a unique differential ratio. After the 1/4 mile, a few of them shift into overdrives before the finish line. Tell us which car you prefer in the comments below, and stay with us for all your exotic racing videos.


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