488 Spider Ferrari Specs

2018 Ferrari 488 GTB & 488 Spider Specs, Price, Photos & Review

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Ferrari 488 GTB Price

Once in a great while, you will have an opportunity that should not be refused. A Ferrari 488 GTB for sale is the perfect example of this. Hindsight breeds regret and it will eat you alive in the long run. We are living during the greatest age Ferrari has ever known. Choose any Ferrari for sale and it comes with an outstanding warranty and complimentary maintenance. If you need the thrill of a twin-turbo V8 just behind you, the Ferrari 488 GTB price starts at $262,647. To feel the wind in your hair only requires a few dollars more. The convertible version is the Ferrari 488 Spider for sale. It has an MSRP of $280,900, which makes the 488 Spider a bargain in the world of hardtop convertible supercars

Even the door handles are sculpted for optimal aerodynamics on the Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB Review

Driving a Ferrari 488 is an exercise in delight. The chassis has been thoroughly reinforced over its predecessor while still remaining mostly aluminum. More welding was needed to harness the increased power. It has resulted in more direct steering, confidence in the corners, and more grip from all corners. Because traditional materials are chosen in favor of composites, the Curb Weight with fluids and a passenger approaches 3,500 lbs. Understanding weight transfer, tire temperature, and counter-steer are essential to any Ferrari 488 GTB review. With the center of gravity behind the cockpit, the car is prone to snap-oversteer if the electronic stability systems are disabled. So unless you are a veteran racer, please leave them enabled. The reason we opine in this manner is that your right foot can unlock 660 horsepower, and it can quickly take you where it wants to go.

Launch Control to Ferrari 488 GTB Pilot: Go For Launch!

Ferrari 488 GTB Specs

Once you expand your notions of what a Ferrari 488 GTB for sale is capable of, let’s look at how it achieves such superhero accolades. When it comes to any series-production Ferrari, it is not easy to find fault. With the rise of higher quality control and a more vocal customer response, the Ferrari 488 GTB build quality is on-par with the world’s best cars. The 3.9L engine is fed by twin turbochargers. Each one is computer-controlled for instant response. On the highway, they are bypassed for impressive fuel mileage.

Ferrari 488 GTB vs Ford GT in the 1/2 Mile

You will have a range of 418 miles thanks to 19 mpg (highway) and a 22.7-gallon tank. If you need to shed fuel quickly, engage race mode and hang on. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! The Ferrari 488 GTB exhaust seems docile at idle, awaiting your command. Although small in displacement, the latest Ferrari V8 erupts like an unchained hellhound. It is appropriate to call the car overpowered, as the Ferrari 488 GTB top speed is 211 mph. Although the power figures are made on 94 octane fuel, the 488 GTB 0-60 time is 2.7 seconds for the coupe and the Ferrari 488 Spider 0-60 is 2.9 seconds. Both versions are capable of consistent quarter-mile times in the mid-10 second range.

  • Price: $262,647 GTB, $280,900 (Spider)
  • Engine: 3.9-liter Twin-turbo V8
  • Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch
  • Horsepower: 660
  • Torque: 560
  • 0-60 mph: 2.7 s (Spider: 2.9s)
  • 1/4 mile: 10.6 @132 mph
  • Top Speed: 211 mph
The Ferrari 488 GTB engine is a masterpiece of symmetry and science

Ferrari 488 GTB Engine

Looking into the heart of this beast, we find the Ferrari 488 GTB engine is over-square. In the world of motorsports, that means the cylinder bore is larger than the stroke of the piston. This has been used to build reliable, high-rpm engines for years. Over-square or under-square each have their own advantages, so Ferrari chose the best of both worlds by using a flat-plane crankshaft. What we are looking at is essentially two 1.99L four-cylinder engines sharing the same crankshaft. Without the heavy counterweights of a cross-plane V8, the engine spins up instantly. Not only does it rev at the slightest touch, it awakens the turbos without any lag.

Equal length primaries and twin-scroll turbochargers are standard on the Ferrari 488 GTB

Each turbo is cut from hardened alloys of titanium and aluminum. The twin-scroll design is fed by equal-length exhaust tubes for the utmost in efficiency. This means the 488 GTB and 488 Spider emissions are cleaner than their predecessor, and your car. An evolution of the ion-sensing knock control can richen the fuel mixture if the turbos get too warm. This will give you years of worry-free Ferrari fun.

Ferrari 488 Spider: Why to Buy

Track mode will allow you to drift like a pro in your Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB Transmission

While it doesn’t have to deal with the 9,000 rpm shifts of its predecessor, the Ferrari 488 GTB transmission was reinforced to deal with more torque. Mounted behind the rear axles, it receives engine power directly from the crankshaft. With the input shaft running between the differential, it offers great balance by mounting the valve body behind the wheels. Engineers were able to improve the software and internals for amazing shift speeds. Even and odd gears have their own clutch and shaft. Although this makes for a heavy gearbox, it offers years of reliability.

You deserve a Ferrari 488 GTB interior

Ferrari 488 GTB Interior

You must be a Ferrari enthusiast to truly enjoy the Ferrari 488 GTB interior. Driving is all you should be concentrated on, and yet many of the most common controls are mounted in strange places. Without a center console, there is only one armrest for each passenger. Materials range from microfiber, leather and carbon fiber, with several options for seating and contrast colors. Door sills are both wide and tall when compared to other cars in this segment. There are provisions to mount a racing harness, and a fire extinguisher is optional. Items not optional are a touch screen, cup holder, blind-spot monitoring, and Heads Up Display. Those are not needed when racing, so they are superfluous to the Ferrari 488 GTB interior.

Configure your own Ferrari 488 GTB or Spider online

Ferrari 488 GTB Brakes

Going fast is fun. Stopping faster is rewarding. Because the car is so powerful, engineers borrowed the Ferrari 488 GTB brakes from their hybrid supercar. Using all available space behind the wheels, the front rotors measure 15.7″ by 1.4″ thick. Rears are 14.2″ by 1.3″ thick. These carbon-ceramic masterpieces can be temperamental when cold, so make sure to trail-brake a little to warm them before you punish the skinny pedal. In track mode, the computer uses Pre-Fill. This system commands the ABS module to keep the pads as close to the rotors as possible. Not only does this provide a quick response in an evasive situation, it gives the driver much more pedal feedback. Side-Slip Control is also implemented by the same hardware.

The Ferrari 488 Spider looks amazing from any angle

Ferrari 488 Spider

Not only does the Ferrari 488 GTB MSRP represent a bargain, but the convertible version also sets records. If you want the power and prestige of an amazing car, it is amazing with the wind in your hair. The Ferrari 488 Spider has a retractable hardtop. It fools many by hiding the seams and mechanism. Even inside, you won’t see the bows and hinges found on Ferraris of the past. If you want a true transformer, the Ferrari 488 Spider can make its top disappear in 14 seconds. If that is not enough, the Ferrari 488 Spider for sale can accomplish this at speeds up to 30 mph. You won’t sacrifice performance for this ability. That is because engineers stiffened the Ferrari 488 Spider chassis to match the Ferrari 488 GTB chassis.

Both Ferrari 488 models have advanced aerodynamics

Ferrari 488 GTB Standout Features

It was the car that broke the mold. The Ferrari 488 GTB raised the bar for all mid-engine cars. The Ferrari 488 GTB engine became the basis for 7 new models. Another unique feature is 20″ wheels front and rear. The front wheels measure 20″x9″ and the rear wheels are 20″x 11″. As with all high-performance Ferrari 488 GTB specs, the tires are made exclusively. Pirelli supplies a unique P-Zero that is lighter and stronger than others in the same size. Both the Ferrari 488 Spider and the Ferrari 488 GTB are backed by amazing warranties and complimentary maintenance. If you need a world-class Italian supercar, click the link below and stay with us for all your Ferrari 488 GTB updates.