288 GTO Ferrari For Sale

Ferrari 288 GTO For Sale

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If you plan to enter your street car in a sanctioned race, you will be up against major competition. But if you need a race-bred Ferrari that is barely street legal, the 288 GTO should be considered. In an effort to curb unfair advantage among the manufacturers, the FIA required Enzo and company to build 200 examples of their Group B racers to be sold to the public.

Aside from being one of the most deadly racing series of all time, Group B tried to keep drivers and spectators safe with mandates for smaller engines. Taking the 3.0L V8 from the 308 GTS, it was downsized to 2.8L and twin turbochargers were added. The result was Ferrari’s first supercar. After a number of fans and drivers lost their lives, Group B was canceled. The innovation and engineering that went into the 288 GTO was meant to dominate the series, but it was limited to only 272 cars. With his engineering team abruptly idled, they put their knowledge to work and began development on the F40.

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The 288 GTO was the beginning of a renaissance at Ferrari. As the father of all modern supercars, it spawned a lineage that includes the F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari. Since they rarely change hands, we jumped at the opportunity to showcase this rare model. Certified by Ferrari Classiche, this 1985 model sports power windows, A/C and a black interior. After a recent service, the odometer reads 12,900 miles, as it sits as the centerpiece of McLaren Boston’s showroom. With such a provenance, this pristine prancing horse is guaranteed to increase in value. For more info, contact McLaren Boston.