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“Optioned-Out” 2007 Ferrari F430 F1 Spider For Sale

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When is the last time you saw a Ferrari in pearl white? Contrary to popular belief, Ferrari does build cars in finishes other than red and black. Painting a car in pearl requires more time and materials, which is one reason automakers are hesitant to offer it. The body must be flawless, as pearl will highlight any imperfections in the panels. But when done properly, pearl brings out the best features of any design, and it may even show you contours you never noticed before.

  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-19-1178×544
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-4-1178×542
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-6-1011×544
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-10-1178×479
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-18-1178×422
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-24-1171×544

Such is the case with this incredibly rare 2007 F430. I never noticed the crease running back from the top of the front fenders. Black and red have kept it hiding in plain sight. Ferrari also offers leather other than black, and nothing is more fitting than medium blue. No matter what color it arrives in, the F430 Spider doesn’t have to defend itself to anyone. That’s because it may be the best convertible in recent history. The F1 designation is not simply a reference to Ferrari’s Formula 1 successes, this car was the first street legal Ferrari to share parts with the race team. From the individual intake runners to the shape of the combustion chambers, this car offers 490 hp at a screaming 8,500 rpm. Also derived from the track is the automated manual transmission. By placing the clutch under computer control, the sequentially shifted six speed was so reliable that it led Ferrari to abandon the clutch pedal altogether. Window Sticker

Whoever ordered this car decided to go all in, as the optional content is over $20,000. Everything from color-matched luggage to Scuderia shields was included in the build. Remember when Bluetooth and Navigation were luxuries? Someone paid $3,350 for them in 2006. Ten years ago this car sold for $263,019, and it has only seen 1,000 miles per year. Driven just enough to keep rust out of the cylinders, this car is ready for a new home. We have never seen these brilliant colors combined by the factory, so you probably won’t either. Collectors will be fighting over this one in just a few years, so now is the perfect time to enjoy it. For more information, please click on the link below.

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  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-2-792×544
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-13-896×544
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-14-821×544
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-21-748×544
  • 53101P-F430-Spider-Bianco-Fuji-Blu-Medio-Large-27-832×544