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Electric Ferrari 308 GT: An “Obscene Concept”

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Have you ever seen an electric-Ferrari? Probably not, and that’s because such a thing is an “obscene concept” to Sergio Marchionne, according to WIRED UK’s video description for their latest upload: “The Electric Ferrari 308 GT – The Car That Shouldn’t Exist.”

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After a very special 308 GT suffered from a fire that rendered its engine useless, a team in California decided they would give the car new life. After some precise engineering and heavy-duty batteries, the team ended up with that obscene concept. And by that, I mean they ended up with an electric Ferrari.

The car, driven by WIRED’s Jack Stewart seems to be full of electric torque, while still maintaining the classic styling that Magnum P.I. would appreciate. Check out the video below to see the car in action for yourself.

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