Aftermarket DMC Ferrari

The DMC LaFerrari "FXXR"

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There are only a select few who have seen a LaFerrari in the wild, but DMC Tuning is already trying their hand at taking Ferrari’s new supercar to the next level. So, how do you take something as exquisite as LaFerrari to the next level? By giving your car the DMC treatment and turning it into LaFerrari “FXXR.”

From the front to the back, modifications are plentiful, but none jeopardize the Ferrari DNA. In the front, the vertical center fin is removed, as is the horizontal fin. Instead, there are two carbon fiber air intakes on the hood that are placed in a v-shape, which extends the line of the large central air vent. On the lower portion of the front bumper, clear carbon fiber canards to increase downforce and outer air intakes to cool the brakes are also added.


In the rear, a massive, clear, fully-adjustable carbon fiber wing is added, which sits atop an almost entirely blacked-out rear-end. The red taillights have been replaced with smoked, black finished lights, which work well with the black-tipped exhaust system. DMC also added a clear carbon fiber rear diffuser to increase the downforce even more.

Every fin, vent and body modification serves a purpose on the FXXR, even the two small black winglets that are mounted high up behind the side windows. Between these winglets on the roof is an air intake that works to cool the 6.3-liter V12 engine.


Along the sides of the FXXR, the door insets get a black finish, and multiple air intakes and vents are added. As with the other body modifications, each of these intakes and vents serves a distinct purpose, and some look as though they should have been there in the first place. Black-finished, cross-spoke wheels can be seen from the sides, giving the car an even more track-ready appearance.

What’s lovely about this kit is that it takes something so close to perfection and brings it to the next level without compromising its origins. Styling from the 599XX Evoluzione, 599 GTO, and FXX can be seen through and throughout the FXXR, creating an homage to hardcore Ferraris of the past. We hope to see one of these on the road sometime soon.



(Source: DMC)