F40 Ferrari

Custom Ferrari F40 by Liberty Walk

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If you were to list off the most legendary supercars, the Ferrari F40 would come up very quickly. Posters of this twin-turbocharged monster have been taped up on the walls of children and grown men alike for years. It’s just something about a car that allows you to have complete control, without unnecessary computer aids, that draws people to the car.

One noticeable thing about every Ferrari F40 that came off of the production line is that they are all finished in the iconic red paint job. While there are yellow, black and blue examples that can be seen, these particular ones have all be resprayed. And even though owning a Ferrari F40 is an exclusive right in itself, some just want to have that little personal touch.

Used Ferrari

Liberty Walk recently customized an F40 to the likings of its owner, fusing Italian supercar styling with Japanese taste. Changes to the car include a redesigned rear fascia, new Brembo brakes, air suspension, a custom rear wing, Enkei wheels, white finish, and much more.

To see this customized F40, be sure to watch the video below.