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So Close: Jaguar E-Type Barely Misses Crashing Into $40 Million Ferrari

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We’ve all joked about not getting into an accident with the expensive looking car in front of us. But, what about when that car is worth £30 million (approx. $39,000,000 USD at today’s current exchange rate)?

Well, that’s what happened at the Goodwood when a Jaguar E-Type was taking part of a classic car race. When the classic English vehicle was coming up to a corner, it came in hot. So hot, in fact, that the Jaguar started to spin out. Unfortunately for the driver who was trying to control his car as he was losing control, there was another car right in front of him and that car was a Ferrari 250 GTO.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how, the Jaguar managed to miss hitting the Ferrari by what looks like inches. I’m serious. It doesn’t get much closer than this. Check out the video below and get ready to catch your jaw, because you almost just witnessed one of the most expensive car accidents, ever.

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