Chris Harris Burns Ferrari F12berlinetta Tires (Video)

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When given a Ferrari F12berlinetta on the Anglesey Race Circuit in Wales, with the luxury of the entire track to yourself, temptation to drive like an F1 racer gone mad can be overwhelming. But then, you flip the OFF switch on the traction control and leave the rear tires to scream for mercy from the power of the 730 hp 6.3-Liter V12, you’ll have to give in. And as for those tires, you may need an extra set, or four.

That’s exactly where Chris Harris from DRIVE found himself, and without hesitation. The young journalist can be seen in the video below lapping around the track with full control and little effort. He then flips off the traction control and drifts maniacally, still with little effort. The F12berlinetta bellows out smoke from the rear tires around every corner and launches Harris through turns at more than 80 mph.

In the video you’ll not only see views of the car slashing through tires but aerial views of the massive trails of smoke left behind. Even better, you get the chance to see Harris from inside the cockpit as he drifts around corners. Watch how little effort is needed to turn Ferrari’s current top-stallion sideways with full control.