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Brian Hartline’s Ferrari F430 by Eldred Tailored

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Behind every exotic or luxury car, there is an owner that has reached success. Behind each success, there is determination- and a story.

While most automotive videos give viewers a look into the features and beauty of exotic and luxury cars, Eldred Tailored is looking to show more than just the car itself. After watching the latest automotive videos online, viewers are sometimes be left with the “must be nice” feeling, and then go on to another video. But Eldred Tailored wants their videos to push viewers to be motivated and ready for success.

Ferrari F430 For Sale

Blake Meacham, the 22-year-old owner and founder of Eldred Tailored, has created a new web series called “Beyond the Grind” that is aimed to motivate and give viewers a sense of determination. Each video will highlight a car that they have built and the work ethic of its owner. Through these videos, he wants people to become more determined. Instead of thinking, “must be nice to own these cars,” viewers should think, “I can’t wait to own these cars.”

Ferrari Film_018

When the Eldred Tailored team met with Brian Hartline of the Miami Dolphins, he explained that he wanted a car he could take to the track and still feel the true elements of a race car. He wanted a car that has both an aggressive drive and looks.  After locating the perfect candidate, a red Ferrari F430 Spider For Sale, the designing process began.

Eldred Tailored began designing and creating a rendering with a dramatic custom body kit lined with genuine carbon fiber. As for the body of the vehicle, they spent hours mixing different paint colors in the sun until the automotive tailor company came up with their own custom mixture of perfection called “Satin Gunship Grey.”

Forgiato Wheels machined a set of extreme concave 20-inch front and 21-inch rear Aggio-ECL matte black wheels that perfectly complemented the Ferrari, thanks to a custom set of coil overs.

Ferrari Film_050

Moving to the performance side, full headers and exhaust system from Capristo were added to give the car a monster sound and the ability to punch through gears.

Inside, custom-to-order heated Recaro seats were implemented to turn up the heat inside.  Upon receiving the seats, they were instantly reupholstered with two-tone red and black diamond-stitched suede.  The suede continued in the diamond stitch found on the door panels.  For the stereo, they went with all Kicker audio.

When Eldred Tailored presented the car to Brian, it was a few days before Christmas on their three-week deadline. The car was festively wrapped in red wrapping paper when it was delivered. As the paper came off it was evident to the tailoring company that they had created exactly what Brian wanted:  the perfect mix between true aggression and Italian luxury.

Check out the video at the top of this post to see the first episode of “Beyond the Grind,” featuring Brian Hartline and his Ferrari F430. He is a perfect example of how dedication and motivation is necessary to succeed.

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Photos by: Elliot Scarpetti 

Video by: Last Breath Film