Ferrari Photographer's Perspective

A Photographers Perspective: Florian Joly

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“Sometimes there are some lucky coincidences. Last summer, I went with friends to the North of France, in a very picturesque and calm region to visit it. During the trip I should go to Vannes and I remembered that Hamann France possessed their French office in this little town. As I had the chance to be in contact with the director of Hamann France I decided to phone her. She welcomed me very friendly and told me that a 458 Italia prepared by Novitec Rosso was currently here and proposed me, if I had time, to shoot it. I answered : “Of course I have time for it !”.

And here this incredible story began, I joined her and went to their office. Unfortunately the main director had not much time as he had to go to the airport. I had nevertheless the chance to ride in and to make a few pictures but not really beautiful one. So he went to the airport with the 458 and his wife in and I thought I will never see the 458 again… But sometimes life is really on your favor!

Three hours later I received a call from his wife who asked me if I would like to make a real photoshoot with the 458… 15 minutes after I was in, overexcited as a kid and trembling of happiness!

The dream started now ; pictures with the charmfull landscape of Britain or in a shipyard and even in a disused aerodrome, ride in the desert roads of the coast with 10min at the wheel and finally come back in the center of Vannes with shining eyes !

I went to Britain just to enjoy my holidays and I came back with surely my best automotive experience in my life!

As a photographer I will now conclude by saying that I never took my best pictures because I have the best settings, the best camera, of the best relations but only because hazard was in my favor, and hazard is for me the most important factor of happiness in automotive photography.” – Florian Joly


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