2015 Buyers Guide 458 Ferrari

2015 ECBG: Best Track Car: Ferrari 458 Speciale

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When Ferrari put the adjective ‘Speciale’ in after a car as outstanding as the 458 you know it must be pretty, well, special.

Since I first drove the http://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/results/ferrari/458–specialeFerrari 458 Speciale for sale, I have maintained it is the finest car of its genre ever made. Each and every experience was better than the last and it represents everything I think a Ferrari should be: amazingly fast, exotic, laden with the latest technology and a vehicle that makes you feel better about life. So how is this Speciale going to improve on that?

It has more power. It’s lighter. It shifts faster. It turns in quicker.
It stops in a shorter distance. It has more technology. It makes you faster.

That’s quite a list of achievements, but at certain moments during my test-drive, each one made an impression on me.

Upping the power from 556 to 597 hp may not sound a lot, but in tandem, with the Speciale being 200 lbs lighter you can definitely feel it when you hit the gas. And when you do, all sorts of unworldly things happen. The unmistakable wail of the Ferrari V8 is measured by the LEDs atop the steering wheel. Those lights tell you when it’s time to shift, which you do in literally the blink of an eye. If you measure such things, you likely just went past 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

Cornering at pro-driver levels is made possible by the complex side-slip control, which measures and reacts in such an impressive way that it’s almost too much for mere mortals to understand.

But feel the benefits you will. All you need to know is that the electronically controlled rear diff and the traction control are in constant communication, analyzing your driving style and levels.

From the duPont REGISTRY 2015 Exotic Car Buyers Guide


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