2013 Ferrari Cavalcade

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To be considered one of Ferraris most important clients is quite a distinguished honor. For three days out of each year, this exclusive group of Ferrari owners gets to participate in the Ferrari Cavalcade. According to Ferrari, “The Cavalcade is the most important event organized by Ferrari for its most important clients”. This year marks the second annual Cavalcade, a tradition was made of this event due to the successful premier. The path of the Cavalcade takes 80 distinguished teams on a tour of the Tuscany countryside. Of course, each owner drives his or her personal Ferrari along this breathtaking course.

Day one takes participants towards the sea as they pass Volterra and arrive in Castagneto Carducci. The second day’s route needs only one word for its description, vineyards. On the third day the journey ends where it began, Florence. On this day they will have enough time to visit Florence in the afternoon as well as the opportunity to drive on the racetrack of Mugello. The third day is also home to a gala style dinner. This year’s gala dinner took place on one of the most iconic symbols of Italian art and Florence alike; the Ponte Vecchio.

The overall theme of this event is without a doubt exclusivity. An exclusive group of Ferrari owners gets the opportunity to drive through the most exclusively beautiful Tuscany landscapes while participating in the only event of its kind. It’s a unique event to say the least, something that most of us will never be able to experience. For the lucky group of participants, this is an event that will be cherished and reminisced upon for decades to come.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3