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Pristine 2003 Ferrari Enzo Could be Yours

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To build a supercar for the 21st Century, the master coachbuilders at Maranello decided it should be named for their founder. The Ferrari Enzo is a carbon fiber masterpiece. Essentially a street-legal version of their Formula 1 cars, it eclipsed everything they had built since the F40. Each car was built by hand, and only 399 were sold to the public. The final car was given to Pope John Paul II, who donated it to charity.

Just behind the cockpit is 6.0 liter V12 that was the most powerful Ferrari production engine. It is the predecessor to the 599 GTO, F12berlinetta, and the 812 Superfast. While designed with endurance racing in mind, Ferrari also endowed it with variable valve timing and a redline that screams at 8,200 rpm. It offers 651 horsepower and 485 lb-ft of torque to a car that weighs under 3,000 lbs. The result is performance that will remain unmatched.

Modern supercars arrive with the complexities of dual-clutch transmissions, 1,000 watts of audio, gps, and more computers than the Space Shuttle. The Enzo arrived with their bulletproof F1 transmission and Air Conditioning. Those aren’t speakers on the doors, they are window cranks. You also have ABS because it was federally mandated, but this car is the last of its kind. Thankfully the owner realized that and requested Ferrari inspect it. The process to become Classiche Certified is not inexpensive, and this car is among a few Enzos to have earned it.

Rosso Corsa with Rosso leather interior is the most desirable combination, and this car has only been driven 3,150 miles. It has no signs of wear inside or out, and it will roar across Mecum’s Monterey Auction Block on August 25th. Much like the F40, the values of the Enzo will only keep increasing, so don’t miss this opportunity. Be sure to tune in to their live feed on YouTube and stay with us for complete coverage.

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