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1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso for Sale

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Caring for a true automotive icon is an opportunity that rarely arises, and when it does, it’s a privilege. LB Limited is exclusively offering a 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso that stands as a prime example of automotive stewardship and a desired centerpiece of the next collection it joins.

This Lusso, part of a long-term collection for the past 30 years, stands in immaculate numbers-matching and roadworthy condition. Purchased in 1985 with a meticulously-documented history of ownership, this chassis has traveled only 16,340 miles.

As a vehicle, this 250 GT has been maintained in near original condition, both mechanically and aesthetically. The window glass, sheet metal, and ALTO-type light fixtures remain in original and immaculate condition as a result of dedicated efforts from the current owners.

Looking inside, the Lusso’s interior is in remarkable original condition, with the leather luggage straps and upholstery supple and un-faded. The careful wear and patina that has developed over the past 52 years serves only to add value to this Ferrari, a detail that cannot authentically be reproduced in restoration. It exemplifies the definition of preservation and we love it.

ferrari-250-gt-lusso interior
Mechanically, the Lusso’s 60 degree, 2.9-liter Colombo V12 remains in excellent original condition as a result of an aviation-grade, low-lead, gasoline diet. Having never been exposed to ethanol fuel mixes, the original Weber carburetors remain in-place and undamaged.

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Offered as a piece of automotive lore and a rare investment opportunity, this 1963 250 GT has won over our hearts as automotive enthusiasts, and it will do the same for its new owner. This exclusive offer will be a rewarding purchase on a number of levels as it will add prestige, variety, character, and value to any collection it enters.

Explore this stellar example of automotive stewardship in the gallery below. For more detailed information and the full listing, click the button below.

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