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18-Year-Old Drifts and Slides Ferrari F40 and Enzo Around Field

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Some owners of classic Ferrari supercars like to keep their prized possessions under wraps in a garage. Others like to take them out and whip them around for a good time. In a video uploaded June 7 to YouTube by Sam Howell, we get a chance to see the latter in action with an F40 and Enzo as examples.

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We’re not sure who the owners of these cars are, but they most certainly like to give their Ferraris some free time to let their horsepower run wild. In the video, you see the 18-year-old driver whip the two classic Ferraris around a private lawn, complete with a helipad.

This video seems similar to the Tax The Rich videos, but the uploader states that they “are in no way trying to compete with Tax The Rich.” But, a little competition couldn’t be bad, especially if it means more of these videos.

Below, is the video featuring the footage from the drones, uploaded by The Drone Company today.

The editors at duPont REGISTRY and Autofluence do not condone any illegal activities on the road, and remind you to not attempt to imitate or recreate anything you see above unless on a closed course with professional supervision. Be sure to always follow local traffic laws, and drive safely.

(Source: YouTube)

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