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Why You Should Buy A Porsche Carrera GT

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Automotive technology is changing at a lightning pace. There is no denying that the 918 Spyder is the state of the art, but many are intimidated by the electrical wizardry of the hybrid system. In the good old days, the formula for a supercar was much less complex. Build an engine too powerful and too large for civilized driving, and build the car around it.


Racing in the late 90’s saw yearly changes in power and aerodynamics, and manufacturers dumped truckloads of money into GT and Formula1 teams. It takes years to develop a new engine, and Porsche had a V10 waiting to take on the world. The innovative power plant had titanium rods and solid lifters, but the real secret sauce was the angle of the cylinders. In the normal world, V10 engines have two rows of five cylinders opposing each other at either 90 or 72 degrees. The cylinder heads of the Carrera GT are only 68 degrees apart. Essentially what you have are two high performance inline five-cylinder engines sharing the same space. The narrow-angle allows the engine to make more power and torque at the top end than a conventional design.

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This amazing engine was meant for LeMans, but it fell victim to changing rules and was shelved in order to create a budget for engineering the Cayenne. A few years passed, and the windfall profits from Cayenne allowed Porsche to build a concept car to show off the powerful engine. Because it was designed for racing, the block was meant to be part of the chassis. This allowed them to place the engine exactly where it should be to keep the wheels planted to the pavement. Doing this gives the car more grip than you will ever need, but it also makes for an unforgiving ride. Because of the incredibly high amount of grip, there is no indication you are approaching the limit.

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Carrera GT demands respect, and several famous drivers have made this abundantly clear. Porsche Test Driver Walter Rohrl said it was the first car that truly scared him. Graham Rahal, Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson are just a few that have tried to tame the beast only to come back visibly shaken. Only 1,270 cars were produced, and several high profile accidents have reduced that number significantly. Carrera GT will help you reconnect with the art of driving, because it is not laden with superfluous gadgetry. You will not find a confused dual clutch automatic. The GT has six speeds and a tricky third pedal. The clutch has 2 settings: on and off. Behind the wheel you will not find anything resembling stability control or active handling. Carrera GT consists of carbon fiber body panels bolted to an insane engine. If you want luxury, it has an FM radio and speakers. Only a handful remain, which is why they need to be owned by drivers who practice self control. If you are up to the challenge, take a look at these listings from our dealers

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