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Why You Should Buy A McLaren 720S

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When was the last time you truly felt comfortable in a supercar? It often seems that the human is the last variable considered in designing a new car. That’s why McLaren went back to the drawing board for the new 720S. It is the first example of the 2nd generation of their Super Series. Previous models have been variations on a theme, using similar components between the 12C, P1, 650, and the 675LT.

The 720S starts with a solid foundation that is lighter and stronger than any predecessor. The added strength allows the ingenious electro-hydraulic suspension to be relaxed. This means the 720S offers a plush ride, even over broken pavement. I have had the opportunity to get behind the wheel twice this year, thanks to our friends at McLaren Philadelphia.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante vs McLaren 720S

No detail was overlooked. McLaren includes a battery charger because they know you probably won’t daily drive it. So if the charge port in the trunk is left open, the car will not go into gear. They don’t want you to run over the cord. If you want to refuel with the engine running you are out of luck. The filler cap is programmed to remain locked to prevent engine fires at the gas pump.

Claustrophobia is a major cause of anxiety, so McLaren chose to focus on interior aesthetics as another way to set the 720S apart. A big rear window and thin roof pillars make it feel much more spacious than anything at this power level. Daylight comes in from glass roof panels that are integrated with the graceful dihedral doors. Behind the seats is a decent size package tray, lined with hand-sewn leather. Under the leather is some serious heat and sound insulation. It’s there to reduce the influences of the 4.0 liter V8 mounted directly underneath.

The engine replaces the 3.8-liter found in all previous models (except the McLaren F1). Some major changes inside seem to include a new firing order and larger turbos. Starting from a clean sheet allowed them to make incredible power. The factory says horsepower is rated at 710 with 568 lb-ft of torque. We’re not calling them out on these figures, but they seem quite underrated given the car’s performance. You will be at 124 mph in 7.8 seconds, and some owners have reported consistent 9’s in the quarter mile. Lastly, a few cars have been strapped to a chassis dyno, yielding figures closer to 800 horsepower. If you need proof, look at how it fares against boosted Lamborghinis!

Production for the 2018 model year has been already sold out, so your best chance of finding one will be the world’s best resource for supercars for sale. Click the link below to find a dealer near you and stay with us for more great McLaren reviews.

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