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Ford GT: 10 Facts You Need To Know

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Supercars are often accompanied by super-sized misconceptions. The motoring press and the public seem to form their own opinions, so that’s why we enjoy helping you find the perfect ride. Ford shocked everyone with the new GT. From styling to suspension, it broke all the rules. Let’s take a deeper look at this amazing machine to see why it should be part of your collection. Here are our top 10 facts that will help your decision making.

10. Ford Chooses You

Along with your new Ford GT, you will have a contract between yourself and FoMoCo which prohibits resale and includes a Right of Refusal clause. Several high-profile owners have found themselves in hot water for overlooking the details of the agreement.

9. DSSV Suspension

The future of ride control has arrived. A new type of shock absorber has been patented by Multimatic, the Canadian racing engineers that Ford contracted to build the GT. A Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve does away with twin-tube shocks and replaces it with a computer-controlled high-pressure hydraulic system.

8. Jekyll & Hyde

All great cars have different personalities between track and street situations. Ford has capitalized on this by endowing the GT with two suspension systems. Using the DSSV shocks mentioned above, the car has coil-overs for normal height and torsion bars for race mode. The first production car to have two independent systems, the driver is offered 2.7″ lower ride height without affecting the control arm geometry.

7. EcoBoost

Every previous version of the Ford GT has been powered by a V8. But they chose to embrace the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 for the heart of the new GT. It is the ultimate version of the engine Ford uses across their lineup. If you haven’t experienced a late model F150 Raptor, these compact powerhouses make big block power while offering great MPG

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6. Eye On The Prize

When development began in 2013, one goal stood above all others: LeMans. Ford set an aggressive timeline of deliverables to make sure 2016 would have the same winner as 1966. Their efforts paid off with a repeat victory in the GT class. It took a half-century but the results speak for themselves. Ford was undefeated from ’66 to ’70, so look forward to that story another day.

5. All About That Buttress

Taking inspiration from medieval cathedrals, the rear fenders are connected to the roof with flying buttresses. A buttress is how roofs transfer loads to the ground, and Ford used them to create an aerodynamic advantage that channels air through the body. Even the taillights have hollow centers to prevent turbulence behind the car. The result is incredible grip and downforce.

4. Carbon Fiber Everywhere

The GT is Ford’s first carbon fiber body. Multimatic weaves the components together as one piece before it heads to the Autoclave. It places the Blue Oval among the likes of McLaren, Pagani, and the Lexus LFA.

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3. Ford Performance App

A USB cord under the dash can connect to your smartphone to record every aspect of your Ford GT. It makes use of an HD camera in the front bumper to record your laps. Every bit of data from throttle to tire temperatures is also compiled to help you become a master of your machine.

2. Limited Production

Building each car is expensive. The time and materials along with the salaries of skilled engineers have prompted Ford to only build 250 cars annually. Enthusiasts voiced their sadness on this subject, which made them change their minds. Instead of a two-year run, the GT will be in production for 4 years. This means only 1,000 cars will be made so make sure you’re on the list.

1. Chicken Or The Egg

Everyone loved the 2005 Ford GT because it was inspired by the vintage GT40 race car. The new Ford GT is not a street car with racing inspiration. It is a race car that happens to be street legal.