F12tdf Ferrari Why To Buy

Why You Should Buy A Ferrari F12tdf

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You shouldn’t buy a car simply because it exists; you should do your research to see if it’s right for you. Normal automakers heavily investigate their target audience to make sure a car will be a success. Ferrari does conduct market research, but their primary focus has always been on racing. For the past seven decades, they have figured out how to make their cars more potent on the track and on the streets to build the ultimate automobile.

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The F12tdf is the logical evolution of the F12berlinetta. The Tour de France might be associated with bicycle racing, but it once was a brutal car race across the country. Testing driver and machine to their limits, the reward for one wrong turn was often fatal. Those are the odds that Enzo liked. If the deck is stacked against you, go all in. He did, and it allowed the 1956 Ferrari 250 GT to become immortalized on the world stage.

Giallo Triplo Strato Ferrari F12tdf for Sale

Ferrari of Long Island

2017 Ferrari F12tdf | 1792816 | Photo 1 Full Size

For Sale – $1,199,000

Inspired by the 250 GT, the F12tdf brings race-proven technology to the street. The logical starting point was under the hood. All the suspension and software improvements are a waste without more power. Taking the big V12 back to basics, a new intake manifold was designed. The big & heavy resonators in front of the engine were replaced by variable length runners. While every other supercar must make due with two position intakes, the F12tdf keeps all 12 intake trumpets in constant motion. This extracts every ounce of power from the engine at all times.

Blu Scozia Ferrari F12tdf for Sale

Ferrari Maserati of Newport Beach

2017 Ferrari F12tdf | 1754475 | Photo 1 Full Size

For Sale – $1,299,000

Such precise intake control requires no play in the valvetrain, so both camshafts have solid lifters. With more lift and duration, the engine makes 769 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque. Over 80% of the torque is available at only 2,500 rpm, a beast in any gear. Speaking of them, the gear ratios are 6% shorter to keep rpm from dropping between shifts. Upshifts are 30% faster and downshift speed is increased by 40%.

Rosso Corsa Ferrari F12tdf for Sale

Ferrari Maserati of Seattle

2016 Ferrari F12tdf | 1720836 | Photo 1 Full Size

For Sale – $1,280,000

The F12berlinetta and the F12tdf look longer than most supercars because of their design. In fact, the wheelbase is only 107″. Handling and turning abilities were not an issue, but Ferrari improved them anyway. By equipping the F12tdf with rear steering, it allows the car to corner like a go-kart. The Virtual Short Wheelbase is the product of the rear wheels moving the axis of rotation forward.

Tailor Made Ferrari F12tdf for Sale

2017 Ferrari F12tdf | 1798404 | Photo 1 Full Size

For Sale – $1,499,000

While the big engine and fancy steering are better felt than seen, the wild aerodynamics are in your face 24/7. Extensive computer modeling and wind tunnel testing have culminated in a body that produces 87% more downforce than the F12berlinetta. All these advancements combined to allow the F12tdf to lap the Fiorano test track almost 4 seconds faster than the Enzo. More speed is useless without safety, so the giant one-piece brake calipers were borrowed from the LaFerrari. Only 799 cars were built, and our dealers have several to choose from. The state of the art in supercars can be yours, so click the links below and get ready to race.

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