812 Superfast Ferrari Why To Buy

Why You Should Buy A Ferrari 812 Superfast

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Stop for a minute and think back to a missed opportunity. Did you pass up a numbers-matching Dino because they were everywhere? Did you sell your GTB/4 before they became collectible? Time waits for no car, especially fast ones. Not only will the new Ferrari 812 Superfast reward you with performance, it actually has FAST in its name. Ferrari didn’t run out of names, they simply surmised the greatest attribute of their latest supercar.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Specs, Price, Photos & Review

It all started with a need to surpass the F12berlinetta in every way. This required a new engine. The 6.5-liter uses titanium rods and solid tappets to reach 8,500 rpm. Instead of a 2-stage intake manifold, each cylinder has its own intake runner that actively changes length based on torque and rpm. This allows it to make 530 lb-ft of torque, 80% of which is available at only 3,500 rpm. Not only is this unprecedented in the world of Ferrari, but it also makes the 789 horsepower engine the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in a street legal car. The wild compression ratio of 13.6:1 also allows it to be clean-burning and low emissions.

Given the impressive power, it allows the Superfast to reach 60 mph in 2.7 seconds on your way to a 10-second quarter-mile. The 7-speed dual-clutch has close gear ratios to keep the V12 near maximum torque. This allows for double downshifts to scare your passenger and a top speed of 211 mph. Performance meets practicality in that the hatchback design has decent cargo room. Raising the partition reveals the Ferrari build plate. This black anodized piece of aluminum displays your car’s build date, options, and other important information. Ahead of that is a gorgeous leather package tray designed to hold the optional matching luggage. The cockpit is inspired by the LaFerrari while still retaining the iconic central tachometer.

Almost every system can be controlled from the steering wheel. For the first time, audio, wipers, turn signals and stability control are at your fingertips. Why can’t all supercars be this easy? Speaking of easy, the driver and passenger have great visibility thanks to the quarter windows and large rear glass. Creature comforts abound, from the passenger touchscreen that allows for audio control, and a real cup holder in the perfect spot. So given the amazing seats, ergonomic controls and room for your favorite beverage, what’s not to love?

The only statistic that might keep you away is the weight distribution. It is 47%-53% front to rear which will make you a drift king if you don’t know how to drive a proper V12 supercar. Having such a massive engine up front, you might be anticipating understeer, that is why the fuel tank and transmission are mounted at the rear. Even if you try to get it out of shape, the E-diff will keep you safe.

In the old days, the struggle was keeping the engine in its narrow powerband by constantly shifting and dealing with common Italian idiosyncrasies. The 812 Superfast offers a linear power curve all the way to redline, with amazing audio and climate control. If you haven’t been behind the wheel with a Scuderia Shield, your Superfast is waiting for you.


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Source: Article Images via Ferrari