Huracan Lamborghini Why To Buy

Why You Should Buy A Lamborghini Huracan

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If you have never considered owning a Lamborghini, the Huracan deserves a few minutes of your time. Of all the cars we encounter, it tops the list for polarizing an audience. As an example, having a Huracan at an event either evokes notions of love, or contempt. The latter is fuel by perceptions of stereotypical owners which have been perpetuated by pop culture. But Huracan is far removed from any of its predecessors.


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Owning an Italian exotic is a great achievement in life, but many see it as not worth the headaches. Driving an Aventador in traffic can be a white knuckle experience thanks to limited visibility and zero tolerance for potholes. Behind the wheel of a Huracan on the street is a stress relief. First off you will notice the seating position is not as compromising as the Gallardo or Aventador. It becomes quickly evident that countless hours were spent making sure Huracan is easy to live with. Because the seats aren’t nearly as low as other exotics, claustrophobia becomes a fear of the past.

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We’re not sure why it took so long for Italians to embrace magnetic suspension, but it will make or break your driving experience. My 2003 Corvette was the first sports car equipped with the system, and it had the ability to transform Clark Kent into Superman in a tenth of a second. Conventional shocks on sports cars are set incredibly stiff to keep the car planted on the track. But they are a brutal ride on the street. Driving the Huracan in “Strada” or street mode is actually comfortable because the computer is adjusting the ride several hundred times a second. This one option alone is why Huracan is superior to any other exotic running conventional suspension.


Another innovation that has been long overdue is the dual clutch transmission. Aventador can shift as fast as you need it to, but engine power to the wheels is interrupted as the single clutch box works its magic. Another detriment is the cost of clutch replacement. Any Italian owner can attest to a hefty repair bill for removing the driveline. Dual clutch boxes have separate clutches for even and odd numbered gears, so the load is shared between them. This translates to instant shifts, less heat, and much less in maintenance costs.

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As if these reasons weren’t enough, Huracan is offered in both all wheel drive and rear drive models. With the latest in active rear differentials, the added weight and decreased fuel economy of AWD make it unnecessary for weekend cruising. If you need a modern exotic with no compromises, check out the great deals on 2016 models from our dealers.

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