Weatherproof: Top 5 Vehicles to Survive Storms

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Most of Florida is currently under the stronghold of Tropical Depression 9, which is projected to be upgraded to Tropical Storm Hermine later today. Coastal areas, especially Gulf coast regions are subject to flooding, power outages and other damages associated with strong winds and much rainfall. Finding high ground and staying indoors is recommended, but if you have to go out, make sure your vehicle can sustain the weather.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in weather like this is misjudging just how deep the water on the roadways is and getting stuck. Be careful out there! And in the spirit of safety on the roadways, here are our Top 5 vehicle choices to survive Tropical Depression 9 and other storms headed your way.

2003 Hummer H1 Truck


Our first choice is this 2003 Hummer H1 truck offered by Starwood Motors. The H1 truck, which is currently owned by DeMarcus Ware, aka 2016 Super Bowl Champion, has been completely decked out by Predator Motorsports. The truck includes a 2″ body lift and oversized 22 XD wheels and tires perfect for trekking through those flooded roads. Also included is a custom Rescue Bed Rack with ONX6 Light Bar and a custom built truck bed with covering to haul any necessities.

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2015 Terradyne Gurkha RPV


With space for five people, this bulletproof, hand-built beast of a vehicle is ready for just about anything, and it has room to transport the whole family. With 300 horsepower and 660 lb-ft of torque coupled with oversized wheels and customized shocks, you will be able to glide through the torrential downpour with ease. Additionally, driving control is at its peak, which makes the Terradyne Gurkha an ideal choice for windy conditions.

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2008 International MXT 4WD Pickup


Chicago Motor Cars definitely found a gem in this one. With all-wheel drive, specialty tires and a 40-gallon fuel tank, the MXT pickup is ready for the long haul and grueling terrain. While Florida isn’t generally considered an area plagued by rough terrain, tropical storms turn area roadways into a treacherous environment. Trade your supercar or sports car in for this pickup for the morning commute, and you’ll be sure to make it to work without a hitch.

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2015 Local Motors Rally Fighter by Taggart

Taggart-rallyfighter-081815 (5)

We once dubbed the Rally Fighter, “Ready for anything,” and that includes a tropical depression/storm. It’s a rugged, capable off-roading powerhouse with a surprisingly comfortable interior and ride. Wheel and tire packages for the Rally Fighter are customized to suit the owner’s needs so choose a traction and size suitable for the soaked roadways. With more than 500 horsepower to the wheels and an incredibly tough suspension, this vehicle can easily handle little ‘ole Tropical Depression 9.

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2016 Rhino GX Select by US Specialty Vehicles


Built atop the Ford F450 Super Duty 4×4 drive chassis, this Rhino GX is something special. In addition, its body structure is made of dual 20 gauge steel, giving it the ability to withstand the heavy winds and possible debris a tropical storm can bring. Rugged and sturdy, the Rhino GX was made to handle off-road conditions with ease and can translate to the open road with no problem. With a customized interior made for comfort and offering seating for five, the Rhino GX is the perfect vehicle for braving the roads if one must.

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