duPont REGISTRY’s Gentlemen’s Best 2016

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Every year, the duPont REGISTRY puts out the Gentlemen’s Best, a collection of items that create a distinctive luxury lifestyle guide. Found in the pages of this guide are items such as the supercars you dream about, some of the world’s finest watches and even some luxury accessories that are perfect for the gentleman’s lifestyle. Check out the sliders below to taste just a sample of what this year’s Gentlemen’s Best has to offer.


Every gentleman needs a fine car to drive. Whether you want to take your car past the 200 mph mark, be chauffeured or even take your vehicle off-road, the finest rides for the gentleman can be found here.


Arriving on time is just one trait of the gentleman and there’s no better way to keep track of the time than the finest watches on the planet. Not only will you be able to track the time or date with one of these timepieces, they’ll also be the highlight of any conversation you’re in.

Fashion and Accessories

Sometimes a gentleman needs accessories to make their day lives more efficient, fashionable or intriguing. The Gentlemen’s Best packs all the fashion and accessories a gentleman needs to take their daily lives to the next level.


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